MFT Organized Crafty Stash Day 5

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Hi everyone! Today I want to share with you my fifth day for My Favorite Things Organized Crafty Stash. It's about how I organize my stencil, embellishment and tools. So let's get started!

I put my stencil in a plastic clip, before that I insert a white card stock inside it and label them.

Then I put it all in the bin. It make me easy to grab and looking for the stencil I want.

For my embellishment, first I put it on small plastic clip. The reason is sometime I overthrowing my sequins and it's so difficult to bring it all back...Yes, I'm so clumsy! so I must put them in a plastic clip. This is the embellishment that I'm using the most.

I put them in a small box

I rare to use this embellishment, so I put them in a different box

And this is how I storage my tools

Thank you for stopping by and see how I organized my stencil, embellishments and tools. I hope you can get inspired :)

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Have a lovely day!


Melania Deasy

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